What is Kit, and how you can make money with Kit

What is Kit.co?
What is Kit, and how you can make money with Kit. Kit.co is a new website that’s like Pinterest, but more shoppable, and focused on expert endorsements. They describe themselves as “a community to discover, discuss and get interesting products.”

It’s a fun, cleanly designed site, and I think there’s unique potential for bloggers and influencers to make money on Kit through affiliate marketing.
What is Kit.com?
What is Kit.co?

Anyone can sign up and create their own “kits”– themed lists of items they love — though Kit focuses on promoting kits created by people who are an authority in their field.

For example, maybe you’re a fan of YouTube star Casey Neistat, and wondering what filmmaking gear he uses. Here’s his current gear kit, neatly organized, with Casey’s comments on each item, all linked to Amazon for easy purchase.
If Casey has added his Amazon affiliate code to his Kit account (and I’m sure he has), he’ll get 100% of the commission from any sales made through his kit. Imagine if Pinterest let you do this! You can see where this is going in terms of money making potential.

Kits are easy to embed on your blog or website; just copy and paste the code generated by Kit, and bam, you have an attractive, easily shoppable collection.

Click on one of the items below, and it will bring up details, AND let you click to go directly to Amazon to purchase — I really like that Kit doesn’t unnecessarily route your readers through their website!

How does Kit.co work?
Signing up is fast and easy via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

Once you’ve signed up, be sure to fill out your profile, add a website link if applicable.
Don’t forget to add your affiliate codes by going to “Edit Profile”, then the “Monetize” tab.
Once you’ve added your affiliate codes, you won’t have to do anything more to earn commission on products for those merchants. Any time you add an item for those merchants to a kit, Kit will automatically turn the product link into an affiliate link with your tracking code.
Now you’re ready to get started making kits!