Trusii molecular hydrogen

Below I have added quick links to different Trusii products. Click on the links below and use coupon code BLAKEMURPHY at check out to get 10% off. Want to learn more about molecular hydrogen check out my post on molecular hydrogen

Trusii H2EliteX


Introducing the trusii H2EliteX system, a stunning and massive step forward in the molecular hydrogen industry. This combination H2-infused water AND H2 inhalation system is the first of its kind anywhere in the world, and it gives you access to the two most powerful forms of H2 therapy all in one system. The EliteX is the benchmark that all other molecular hydrogen systems will be measured against in the future. Technologically advanced yet easy to use, it works as a countertop OR free-standing unit for the entire family; in your home, office, gym, or wherever you choose.



Powerful. Convenient. Simple. Our H2ProElite - high concentration professional grade molecular hydrogen water system gives you access to the most powerful and therapeutic antioxidant-rich water on earth in an easy to use counter top cooler for the entire family, office, or wherever you choose.



The most powerful molecular hydrogen tablets available, to provide you with portable access to one of the most revolutionary wellness and performance breakthroughs in history. One tablet produces over 12 ppm molecular hydrogen nanobubbles in 8-10 oz of water for potent intracellular antioxidant support to neutralize oxidative stress and inflammation. H2Now also provides the body with a superior form of magnesium for optimal health.

The benefits of H2 have been noted in over 850 peer-reviewed, scientific studies and articles. These studies show evidence that H2 may have strong potential benefits within the whole body for over 170 diseases.