How to Drastically Cut Your Electric Bill

What if I told you, you could reduce your electrical waste, save money, and actually earn cash in the process? Would you do it? A company that I have been using for the past year is making that a reality for Californians That company is called OhmConnect. I will explain how the company works and how you can Cash in on it.

Big energy companies really do not like using less efficient power plants. These less efficient power plants are not cost-effective, and they make it harder for the company to comply with pollution regulations. Due to these facts California’s energy companies are actually willing to pay consumers not to use energy during peak energy demand times.

OhmConnect is a big data company that harnesses information to save energy and make money. In fact their company won the U.S Department of Energy‘s American Data Challenge. This is where they come into the picture. OhmConnect’s algorithms monitor energy use on a minute by minute basis. When energy consumption approaches peak loads (When the less efficient power plants come online), OhmConnect starts taking action.

What OhmConnect does at these peak times are:


  • Alerts you during peak loads. Notice can come anywhere from one day to five minutes in advance.
  • You participate in “Ohm Hours” by intentionally reducing energy consumption for one hour. This means shutting off lights, TV, dishwasher, dryer, or anything else using power.
  • OhmConnect sells your reduced energy consumption back to the grid who pays OhmConnect for the reduction.
  • OhmConnect retains 20% of the profit and passes 80% of it back to you. The points you earn can then get cashed out through PayPal.

The key to making money through OhmConnect is cutting back on energy consumption during “OhmHours“. When OhmHours go into effect you want to cut back on energy consumption as far as possible from your baseline energy use. This means shutting off lights, TV, dishwasher, dryer, or anything else using power. Hardcore Ohm users will actually turn off the breaker to their house. Or you can do what I do and leave the house to curb any temptation to turn on the TV or something.

How does OhmConnect determine wether or not you have saved energy? They calculate your home’s average over 10 weekdays or 4 weekend days prior to a OhmHour. Your average is your baseline. If you use less energy than your baseline you earn points. Each point is worth one cent. If you reduce energy use more than 20% below your baseline you will earn double points. If you reduce it by more than 40% below your baseline you will earn quadruple points.┬áJust to be clear, using OhmConnect is no side hustle. But if you are a California resident who gets their utilities from PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E, you can definitely make some money for gas in the car, beer in the fridge, or paying down a small bill.


  • On average you can expect to make 10- 30 points per OhmHour. But there are a few way to get the most out of OhmHour.
  • Connect your smart home devices to OhmConnect: You will earn 300-500 points per device (that’s $3-$5 per device), and OhmConnect will automatically reduce energy consumption for you during OhmHours.
  • Put your refrigerator on a smart plug. One of the biggest energy consumers are refrigerators and freezers.
  • Get on an Ohm Streak. You can earn 25%+ Once you reduce energy within 3 OhmHours in a row, you’re on a streak and your points will increase.

So if you are in California, it makes sense to sign up for OhmConnect.

So my final thought is it’s a great tool to help you become more energy (and financially) conscious. You’re not likely to earn a lot from OhmConnect, but you definitely don’t lose anything by signing up.