Blake’s Gift Guide: Coffee


Kion is committed to providing you with the highest quality
products on the face of the planet so that you can unlock your full potential. This means they extensively research, carefully source, and test everything to
performance and longevity. As coffee aficionados, they have extremely strict
criteria for our beans, and will settle for nothing less than the purest coffee
on the planet.
give you only the most powerful and proven tools for optimizing health.


Hack your morning coffee routine with a ceramic burr grinder. The ceramic lasts forever and won’t rust, and it stays cooler than stainless steel grinders do (some coffee aficionados say the heat from a metal grinder burns off precious coffee oils, although the topic is up for debate). A Hario grinder lets you adjust your grind very precisely; you can change the flavor of your coffee and switch between a fine grind for espresso, a rough grind for French press coffee, and so on. The hand grinding encourages you to slow down and take time to prepare and enjoy your coffee every morning.


Here’s another coffee upgrade. The AeroPress has taken the coffee community by storm. The AeroPress consistently ranks among top-rated brewing methods, despite being compact and cheap (it’s only 30 bucks). It’s also quick – it uses pressure to speed up the brewing process, so you can make a delicious cup of coffee or espresso in under a minute. If that weren’t enough, the AeroPress has no moving parts and won’t break easily. It’s basically a simple plastic tube (BPA- and phthalate-free, of course). You can even travel with it.