What is Kit, and how you can make money with Kit

What is Kit.co?
What is Kit, and how you can make money with Kit. Kit.co is a new website that’s like Pinterest, but more shoppable, and focused on expert endorsements. They describe themselves as “a community to discover, discuss and get interesting products.”

It’s a fun, cleanly designed site, and I think there’s unique potential for bloggers and influencers to make money on Kit through affiliate marketing.
What is Kit.com?
What is Kit.co?

Anyone can sign up and create their own “kits”– themed lists of items they love — though Kit focuses on promoting kits created by people who are an authority in their field.

For example, maybe you’re a fan of YouTube star Casey Neistat, and wondering what filmmaking gear he uses. Here’s his current gear kit, neatly organized, with Casey’s comments on each item, all linked to Amazon for easy purchase.
If Casey has added his Amazon affiliate code to his Kit account (and I’m sure he has), he’ll get 100% of the commission from any sales made through his kit. Imagine if Pinterest let you do this! You can see where this is going in terms of money making potential.

Kits are easy to embed on your blog or website; just copy and paste the code generated by Kit, and bam, you have an attractive, easily shoppable collection.

Click on one of the items below, and it will bring up details, AND let you click to go directly to Amazon to purchase — I really like that Kit doesn’t unnecessarily route your readers through their website!

How does Kit.co work?
Signing up is fast and easy via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

Once you’ve signed up, be sure to fill out your profile, add a website link if applicable.
Don’t forget to add your affiliate codes by going to “Edit Profile”, then the “Monetize” tab.
Once you’ve added your affiliate codes, you won’t have to do anything more to earn commission on products for those merchants. Any time you add an item for those merchants to a kit, Kit will automatically turn the product link into an affiliate link with your tracking code.
Now you’re ready to get started making kits!

Advice To Help Your Personal Finances Flourish

Advice to help your personal finances flourish. Basic personal finance management doesn’t require advanced expertise. All you need is some common sense and a few strong financial management ideas to get you on the right path.


Develop a better plan for the future by keeping a journal of all of your expenditures. However, if you forget to keep up with it, it is easy to put it away and let it slip your mind. A better choice may possibly be writing your purchases on a poster or whiteboard that can be placed in a prominent place to catch your attention daily. Since the notes will be constantly visible to you, you will stay aware of your finances. This will help you stay focused and inspired when you’re tempted to go off your budget.


Keeping a journal of all of your expenditures
Keeping a journal of all of your expenditures


Include quality health insurance in your personal financial plan. Everyone is going to face health problems. Good health insurance is crucial in those situations. Doctors and medical bills can climb into the tens and hundreds of thousands. Without insurance, this can be quite a burden.


Do not make charges on a credit card that you are having trouble paying off. Cut your extras spending off, and see if there is some other way to make payments on the card so that it does not get maxed out. Finish paying off your balance before using the card again, and then try to pay your credit card balance in full monthly to avoid future troubles.


Replace older incandescent bulbs with high-efficiency LED bulbs. If you replace these older bulbs, you should notice lowered energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint. LED bulbs last a lot longer than old-style, traditional light bulbs. The need to purchase fewer bulbs will save you money.


Replace older incandescent bulbs with high-efficiency LED bulbs
Replace older incandescent bulbs with high-efficiency LED bulbs


Keep student loans to a minimum unless you are confident that you will be in a position to pay them back comfortably. Private schools can be very costly to pay off.


Emergencies happen to everyone, so be sure to have savings ready when the time comes. You should also put money away for long term spending goals like college tuition, or a relaxing vacation.


If you are under 21 and want a credit card, be aware that the rules have changed in recent years. In previous times, college students were freely given credit cards with no restrictions. When this occurs you must have income that you can prove or have someone to cosign with you. Make sure your well aware of what a card requires before you apply.
Make sure you're well aware of what a card requires before you apply
Make sure you’re well aware of what a card requires before you apply


Know the value of things you save or have around the house. People often have things of great value that they think are not worth anything, and they throw it out. People stand to receive a nice surprise when they discover they own something valuable and it is worth significant money.


It is only natural that a good money manager can make more money, avoid financial pitfalls, and be free from worry. By carefully thinking things through and following the provided information, you will be in a position to develop a budget, lower your debt and put money in saving; ultimately gain control of your personal finances.

Quick And Easy Personal Finance Tips That Work

Quick and easy personal finance tips that work.

Do you desire to make life-long financial changes for the better? All you need is a little know how to make the change. Fortunately, this article provides lots of advice to help guide you make the right choices.

Eat like a local would to save money in a foreign country. Hotel restaurants should only be your last resort. Do some online research, or ask around, and find some great local places to eat. The food is likelier to be more enjoyable and less expensive.

Eat like a local would
Eat like a local would

Writing down your monthly expenditures can help you understand where your money is going. This will help you stay focused and inspired when you’re tempted to go off your budget. If you write it in a notebook that gets closed and set aside until you open it again the next day, it might become a case of “out of sight, out of mind”. Instead, create a big chart or board at home and use that to list all your expenses. You will look at it every day and be reminded of what you need to do. I also keep a written monthly budget on my phone (EveryDollar App), and I put every penny I spend into the app.

In order to improve your finances, never pay full price. Don’t be a slave to brands, and don’t purchase anything without a coupon or discount. Don’t buy your favorite brand name detergent if you can save using another brand’s coupon.

Paying in full instead of getting into debt is the better option if you can manage it. Although there may be times that debt is unavoidable, try your hardest not to rack up high balances on credit cards. Loans and credit cards charge interest and fees; therefore, it is important to try not to borrow unless it is absolutely necessary. Also work with cash – once it’s gone it’s gone.

work with cash
Work with cash

Always know when it’s time to file taxes on your income with the IRS. If you anticipate a refund and want your money from a refund faster, you need to file your taxes as early as possible. If you are in a situation where you owe a great deal of money and are not going to be getting a tax refund, you can wait to file your taxes until April 15.

Be patient if you want to retain control over your personal finances. Many people buy just-released electronic devices without thinking about the cost. If you can be patient and wait just a little while, you can get the same products for less. These savings will really add up and allow you to eventually get much more for your money.

Be patient
Be patient

Your car and house are very likely going to be your biggest expenses. Payments and interest on these things will be the thing you spend the most on every month. Pay them off quicker by adding an extra payment each year or using your tax refunds to pay down the balance.

If your credit card is close to its limit, use a different one rather than letting it max out. Interest on multiple cards with lower balances should be lower than the interest on a maxed-out card. This can help you build your score and not hurt it if you manage your credit lines the right way.

If your credit card is close to its limit, use a different one
If your credit card is close to its limit, use a different one

Your perception of financial concerns is probably different now. Now that you have read this article, you will be able to step forward and manage your money successfully. All that is left is your will and determination to have a stable and strong financial future, so don’t let anything stand in your way.